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Thursday 20 June 2013

Westminster debates


There was collective eloquence of a dozen MPs with case studies galore, well versed in the iniquities of the immigration rules give forth. There was condemnations of the way income is assessed and queries why incoming spouses’ incomes cannot be considered in the rules, why third party support is now disqualified. Sarah Teather bemoaned the plight of the self-employed and what hoops they are expected to jump through to prove their income and stressed that the impact and future social cost of splitting up families and children from parents is simply not being taken into account.  Joan Ruddock explained the situation of her constituent who married a Canadian who lived in the UK working as a teacher for three years and now cannot return as her partner, a British Citizen, has been made redundant. The couple are forced apart by the rules for their first wedding anniversary and Britain loses a teacher. She also stated that the policy “goes against all human rights and needs to be changed”.

The rules preventing elderly dependent relatives from joining their offspring in the UK are condemned as “a ban masquerading as a rule”, as Ms Teather quoted a lawyer she had spoken to. Jonathan Ashworth described a British woman who fled Syria with her children in fear of her life having to leave her husband behind because she wasn’t earning money in the UK. Couples working abroad and returning to the UK faced a similar refusal, although a tad less life threatening perhaps.

So much evidence, so many arguments presented to the Immigration Minister, and his shadow from the Labour Party. In the last twenty minutes or so Chris Bryant and then Mark Harper the shadow preceding the minister, spoke. They contrived, with differing agendas, to blunt, to nullify, to ignore most of what’s been said before.

Parliament committee report on new family rules and Westminster debate.


Last week, Free Movement posted the fruits of a FoI request disclosing the statistics in relation to partner applications from pre- and post-July 2012.  These figures were then analysed and fair conclusions were drawn in relation to gender discrimination on the basis that female sponsors generally earn less than male ones and therefore would find it more difficult to meet the new income threshold for maintenance.

Last week, also saw the publication of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration’s inquiry entitled “Report of the Inquiry into New Family Migration Rules” June 2013. This is a welcome report, which looked in particular at the new minimum income threshold of £18,600 (with the corresponding rises when children are included in the application) and the new rules concerning adult dependent relatives applying to come to the UK.

The Committee details that it received an impressive level of submissions and evidence from a wide range of participants:  MPs, NGOs, charities, legal organisations, lawyers, business, individuals affected etc…

https://twitter.com/APPGMigration :
Here's yesterday's full debate in the @HouseofCommons on the #familymigration rules

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The second debate on #familymigration is now scheduled for the @UKHouseofLords on 4th July

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CWI delighted to join the platform for the session 'Immigration is NOT the Problem' @ http://thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/schedule/  See you there, we hope!

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Read again in the going ons in the family migration debate..how did your MP contribute?

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U R all scroungers, minister Mark Harper tells low wage sponsors of foreign family members in Parl debate yesteday.

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The truth about immigration: it's good for Britain by @GavinBarwellMP via @Telegraph http://fw.to/yDRpoLg

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"MP calls for review of unfair family migration rules" > my latest post re #familymigration http://www.kategreen.org/?p=6836

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Chaired debates on family migration rules,car clamping in carparks and UKTI support for SMEs.Off to host Welsh Water meeting with Welsh MPs

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