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Sunday 21 July 2013

EU Family Route: What is Surinder Singh route?


... Last year, 9th July 2012, the Home Office introduced major changes to family migration rules. Most notable of those changes was the income threshold  (18,600 p.a.), which was set so high that it is reported that 47% of British people would not qualify to live with their spouse, if their spouse were a non-EEA national.

What is depressing about this rule, is not only the lack of a common sense approach by the Secretary of State, by failing to consider the non-EU spouses earning capacity (it doesn’t matter if the spouse is a surgeon and would get a job here with ease), but the fact that they only apply to Brits and not to EU nationals in the UK. In other words if you’re an EU national, say French or Polish, you are allowed to marry and stay with anyone from around the world with no financial requirements or proof of accommodation necessary. To get around this financial requirement, some people have been choosing to apply instead for an EU family permit...

A good summary.

Caution : The recent immigration rules have left many couples with no option but to leave their country or look for alternative options. This route is one of the popular options at the moment but please be warned it is not for everyone. 

Mirrored copy of Surinder Singh original judgement : http://www.scribd.com/doc/155066647/Surinder-Singh-Original-1992-Judgement

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