"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Monday 8 July 2013

Ahead of the big day ...

https://twitter.com/ColinYeo1 :
Divided Families Day of Action - 9 July 2013 http://wp.me/p1Zj2l-2kf

Tomorrow is the Divided Families Day of Action, which will take place in London.  It’s already been a year since the new rules were introduced and on the first anniversary, Migrants Rights Network, BritCits, JCWI, the Family Immigration Alliance and others have organised two main events:

    Afternoon demonstration outside the Home Office with speakers and street performers – 4pm – Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
    Evening meeting in Parliament chaired by Baroness Ruth Lister bringing together campaigners, supporters and parliamentarians to hear about the impacts of the new rules.  The meeting will welcome valuable supporters including Maggie Atkinson, the Children’s Commissioner for England, and will be a chance for families to share their stories and build the campaign for a change in the rules – 6pm – Parliament, Committee room 10, London SW1A 0AA

Hope to see you there.


https://twitter.com/migrants_rights :
Attacks from House of Lords and High Court build momentum of family migration campaign http://j.mp/12R7jri 

Last week the campaign to end new rules on family migration took a major step forward with a debate in the House of Lords, followed by a significant judgment in the High Court.

https://twitter.com/JCWInews :
Tuesday pm: sit in office or chip off early and give Home Sec an earful over immigration controls splitting familes?

In case you missed it on Friday, there was a pretty good result in court in Birmingham

https://twitter.com/GuidoTallman :
It's rough, it's ready, it does the job! Home Offuce, Tuesday 4pm

https://twitter.com/migrants_rights :
Tomorrow, we are taking the #FamilyMigration petition to @downingstreet Make sure you've added your signature!

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