"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Monday 8 April 2013

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There is a deep injustice here. Your spousal visa threshold rules cruelly split up British citizens who’ve committed no crime other than to fall in love and marry someone from outside the UK. In my case - even though I earn well over the threshold - inflexible bureaucracy is winning out over common sense and compassion.


https://twitter.com/emmabmoussa tweets :
So sittin in a&e chatting about our immigration issues. Y is it people always say but your married ur allowed to b together!

https://twitter.com/MandaKasravi tweets :
I know. My cousin asked that yesterday doesn't give us an automatic right, even though it should! X

https://twitter.com/sjplep tweets :
People are naive enough to believe they live in a free country, is why.

https://twitter.com/emmabmoussa tweets :
they really didn't believe me but were sympathetic after I'd explained they really had no idea! 

https://twitter.com/MandaKasravi tweets :
Not enough people know the hell we are facing even family and friends really have not much clue..Not enough media cov

https://twitter.com/so_lucas tweets :
https://twitter.com/BritCits Please share my story:

Ok then! Coming up.

Petition to allow Nepalese man to visit family in Ramsbottom.


A PETITION has been set up calling for UK Border Agency officials to allow a Nepalese man to travel to the Ramsbottom home of his wife and seven-month-old son.


Sign and share!

Leading international news agency drops the term "illegal immigrant" from its stylebook.


https://twitter.com/tanyagolashboza tweets :
All language is politicised. If you call people "illegal" you make your position on the immigration debate clear.

Immigration checks: The wider damage done to communities in the UK means that we should dig our heels in and resist.


There is a sobering story in this week’s on-line edition of The Voice, a paper which reports news from the vantage point of Britain’s black community. It concerns Herold Newell, a lorry driver formerly in the employment of the ASDA supermarket chain... 

Sikhs in Afghanistan.


https://twitter.com/migrants_rights tweets :
We all know Scotland is different, but this is an interesting news item - not a single negative comment!


'SCOTLAND is attracting more migrant workers than most parts of the UK, according to official figures.

Nearly 37,000 foreign nationals settled north of the Border last year, with only London and South-east England attracting substantially more, Department for Work and Pensions’ statistics reveal.'

https://twitter.com/MandaKasravi tweets :
Scotland has always been about 'one Scotland many cultures' and long may it continue!

https://twitter.com/The_UK_Migrant tweets :
With 27-2 vote, Senate backs bill allowing undocumented #migrant workers to drive in Vermont

https://twitter.com/AsylumAid tweets :
How one man was forced to live while #stateless in the UK - this is why we fought for today's new immigration rules

https://twitter.com/scotrefcouncil tweets :
The UK is the only NATO member not to offer asylum to Afghan interpreters - we welcome intervention by top figures:

https://twitter.com/paddyashdown tweets :
As we leave Afghan the interpreters who served us are at great risk. Govt claims allowing them here could be abused. This is dishonourable

https://twitter.com/ilonapin tweets :
International Roma Day blog

https://twitter.com/Huguenots_E1 tweets :
THE Huguenots of Spitalfields FESTIVAL STARTS TODAY! Already fantastic coverage on BBC Radio 4. We kick off...

https://twitter.com/britishfuture tweets :
One in six Britons have Huguenot blood, according to @bbcr4today discussion this morning
French born, London made, Hugenots festival kicks off today in London

What did the Huguenots ever do for us?

These days Spitalfields is unlikely to attract hordes of new arrivals for anything other than free craft beer, but once upon a time, way back in the 17th century, 25,000 French Protestant refugees set up camp there, started weaving the finest silk in the world, made their fortunes, and built some of the lovely homes and workplaces that are still around today. That cut a very long story short (you can read more about it in this week’s magazine), but suffice to say that the Huguenots helped make Spitalfields a great place to be, and this month, the Huguenots of Spitalfields Festival is celebrating their contribution with talks, tours, open days and exhibitions.


https://twitter.com/19pst tweets :
Roma Nation Day Celebration: London http://itv.co/ZfYFkR 
Daily: Govanhill http://bit.ly/YOrnvd 
Exclusion: EU: http://bit.ly/romarights

https://twitter.com/APPGMigration tweets :
The Chief Inspector https://twitter.com/ICIBIVine will be giving evidence on asylum to the https://twitter.com/CommonsHomeAffs on Tues, 16 April, at 4.15pm

https://twitter.com/BritCits immigrant of the day :
US writer Henry James moved to Rye, Sussex, BritCit in 1915, as gesture of loyalty at beg of WWI

Two men fined for obstructing Border Agency officials arresting a family of immigrants.




https://twitter.com/nandosigona tweets :
#Emigration in Italy has increased in the last year +30%, economic and political crisis leave little hope

https://twitter.com/nandosigona tweets :
#EU Member States need to ensure #Roma nat'l strategies address poverty & tackle prejudice and racism against Roma

A striking new map of endangered languages.

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