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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Home Office harassment of British citizen and his wife!

BritCits supporter Mark and his wife received the following correspondence from Home Office contractor Capita...

... despite the Home Office withdrawing from their appeal and therefore acknowledging their right to a family life!

Mark and his wife feel intimidated, stalked and harassed by the Home Office and their contractors. 

Despite the fact that the Home Office has withdrawn their appeal against this couple's right to be in the UK, they simply will not leave them alone.

Mark says :
'This is a week after letters were sent by the MP and our solicitor complaining about the delays after the HO withdrew from the appeal.
'Yesterday they sent a threatening text to my wife's mobile.
'This morning we get a threatening letter.
'This afternoon we get a threatening phone call to our home phone line.'

The Home Office withdrew the appeal. Now they are harassing Mark and his wife.

Mark says :
'I hope all our nightmares will be over soon and we can then recover from the trauma, heart ache and uncalled for stress with our families and spouses in a just and fair land.'

Needless to say this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Look at the missive that was addressed to someone who left the UK four years ago :

(Unfortunately the Home Office contractors picked the wrong householder to send this too).

Scrap immigration texts say men targeted in error :

Migrants wrongly told to leave UK by firm hired by UKBA :


  1. i have the exact same letter just with my partners name on instead

  2. Two years on and this is still happening. I received a phone call, then exactly the same letter, and then another letter with even stronger (read: offensive) wording in a matter of one week, even though I am a fully legal resident of this country. Both the Home Office and Capita are bent on sending non-Europeans out of the UK, dead or alive.

    1. Interesting... someone else I know had this happen only today - letter sent to someone (ex lodger) who left the UK six years ago!

      Looks like this is still a problem!

  3. Two years on, this is still happening. I am a fully legal resident, and received exactly the same letter, and then another with even stronger wording, in a matter of one week. In the meantime they demanded proof that I am married to an EEA citizen exercising his Treaty Rights, which I obliged (I shouldn't have to!), but they further demanded a "certified translation" of a Marriage Certificate issued by a London registry office!

  4. The HO bill blame the contractor for sending out the letters, the contractor blames the HO for sending incorrect data. Neither àccept responsibility.

    If the HO/UKVI wasn't a governmental monopoly, it would have been beaten by it's competitors long ago on price and service.

    1. Yes - lack of moral accountability.

      Please see this tweet from Southall Black Sisters :