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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Filipino groups in the UK relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

For all British citizens, and Filipinos in the UK, who have family members in the Philippines. How to donate, and also websites for finding missing family members.



An emergency meeting of the Filipino community last week was attended by different organisations to consolidate efforts from the community and individuals in the UK. We would like to share with you action points from the meeting.


 1.   Support Kanlungan Filipino Consortium’s online relief drive

All proceeds will be donated to Rural Missionaries Philippines (RMP), a non-government national organisation very active in disaster response campaigns on the ground. Please check the link for details:


You can donate in a number of ways:

A.     Direct to Rural Missionaries Philippines by following instructions on their website.
B.     Through Kanlungan’s PayPal (reference: Haiyan/Yolanda) here
C.     Through cheque payable to Kanlungan or via BACS (put reference: Haiyan/Yolanda) to:

Unity Trust Bank
A/C Name: Kanlungan Filipino Consortium
Sortcode: 08-60-01
A/C: 20063771

Post cheques to:

Kanlungan Filipino Consortium
Caxton Community Centre
129 St. John’s Way
London N19 3RQ

RMP are also working with other NGO’s and disaster response networks (such as SAGIP Migrante, BALSA, and SAGIP Kanayunan) to ensure that donations go directly to the needy, especially those who are devastated in the hard-to-reach rural areas.

2.    Donate in kind

A.     Pio Abad and RJ Fernandez are collecting donations in kind over the next week. The Royal Academy has kindly agreed to serve as drop off point for donations and LBC will send them to the affected areas free of charge
If you can donate any of the following, it will be much appreciated:
-        Clothing (for adults and children)
-        Flip flops
-        Blankets
-        Multivitamins for children and water purification tablets
-        Torches with batteries

There will be collection boxes at the reception of the Royal Academy Schools (entrance is behind the Royal Academy of Art):

Royal Academy Schools,
Burlington Gardens,
London W1J 0BD
Open Monday to Friday 8-9, Saturday 11-4

If you need collection, please e-mail pio_a@yahoo.com.

B.     The Filipino Domestic Workers Association (FDWA-UK) are also collecting donations in kind and have started their collection boxes last weekend. The relief goods will be coursed through Migrante International’s SAGIP Migrante
Kindly contact their officers for details:
Email: fdwa.uk@gmail.com or
Phoebe Dimacali     07400 222600
Shiela Tilan            07557 259146
Eva Mayor              07881 950184

C.    LBC Cargo Company free shipping of relief goods to Philippine Red Cross

LBC is requesting to bring the goods to their warehouse in London (North Acton) and they will pack them. They will have a group of volunteers on 30th November 2013 who will organise and pack all the goods. If the donors can pack themselves then it will have to be same items in each box ie: all tin food in a box, etc.  LBC said that it’s more manageable if goods are in boxes as once they arrive in the Philippines, Red Cross won’t need to sort them out again.
Red Cross Philippines is discouraging donation of clothes.
Contact LBC at 02031 100 074

3.     We encourage setting up your own initiative/relief effort in your local community

A.     Lingap Filipino Association’s Christmas Party – 6 Dec 2013
Lingap Filipino Association will be having their Christmas Party and there will be a fundraiser for victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan
When: 6 December 2013
Where: Umi Hotel, 16 Leinster Square, London W2 4PR
Tickets: Adult £15 / Children 8-12yrs £8 / Children under 8 FREE
Estela         07714 255301
Pina           07912 652626
Nollie          07808881648

B.     Set-up collection buckets in your hospital or workplace. You can use this for the buckets. Please consider Kanlungan’s beneficiary Rural Missionaries of the Philippines for the proceeds.
NB: If you have any relief effort/initiative you would like publicised or need help with, please contact us


1.   Finding lost family members

There are helpful links and tracking services that have been opened which can be useful to you:

Viber and Skype also offer free calls to the Philippines.

Alternatively, you can email kanlungan96_uk@yahoo.co.uk, text 07538 797963 or message Kanlungan Filipino Consortium on Facebook with as much detail as you can about your relatives including:

Full name, Last known address including Brgy, Contact numbers, etc.
and we will forward them to Migrante International Home Office, which are currently trying every effort to help OFWs find their loved ones. To date, they have reunited 6 OFW relatives from this effort.

 2.   Compassionate leave/extended annual leave/other means of support from employers and your union

Kanlungan, in a press statement, called for compassion for Filipino migrant workers who are affected by the catastrophe.

A.     If you are a member of a union, please contact your union representative
B.     If you are a UNISON member, please contact  Susan Cueva, s.cueva@unison.co.uk, 07903024201
C.     If you are not a member of any union, please contact Kanlungan at kanlungan96_uk@yahoo.com or call us 07538 797963 for assistance.

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