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Friday, 25 October 2013

Refusing entry to the UK as a visitor


Via Migrants' Rights Network.

Many UK sponsors who earn below £18,600 are now reporting that their non-European partners are being refused entry to the UK as a visitor. Has your family had experience of this? If so, please help us by filling out a short survey.

We are seeing a worrying trend among families affected by the £18,600 minimum income requirement, who are already facing long periods of separation from their loved ones.

As if the rules themselves weren't bad enough, many are now reporting that their non-European partners are also being refused entry to the UK as a visitor.

One such example is David's. Earlier this year, David Hook stood up in a Parliamentary hearing to tell MPs how he had been kept apart from his Canadian partner, Dee as a result of the income requirement. Three days ago, Dee arrived at Heathrow to visit David in the UK, but the authorities refused to believe that she was a genuine visitor.

Dee was held in Colnbrook detention centre before she was removed back to Canada. David said: "I'm angry, angry that UKBA can decide that even though they admit Dee's done nothing wrong, that they can still refuse her entry."

We think that this is appalling treatment of families who have already been hit hard by the new rules. The Home Office must be stopped from attacking families who want nothing more than to see their loved ones.

We are putting together an urgent dossier on this issue to circulate among interested MPs and peers, and we need your help. If you or your family member have refused entry to the UK as a visitor in the past 18 months, please take 5 minutes to tell us about it.

Complete the survey!



  1. My name is Trevandran Rungasamy, South African born moved to the UK in 2003 to join the British army ,I served from 2003 until 2012 due to the cut backs I was made redundant in 2012.

    During my just under 10 year service, I served on 4 operations laying down my life for Queen and Country because I believe in freedom and democracy and fighting for what's right, To up hold justice and pursue happiness ,

    I got married to my high school sweet heart in 2008 to the lady of my dreams , and blessed with 2 amazing kids who are both British Citizens ,we decided to go to SA for a well disserved holiday in 2012 and before u know it, it ended up to run a bit longer then planned with catching up with family,

    To cut the long story short I came back to to UK to get our lives back to where it was and the UK Gov ie Teresa May has closed it doors on my wife's spouse visa due to the new laws. They DECLINED her visa saying that I don't earn enough. I as a hard working British tax payer have not a day claimed any sort of working benefit and don't need anything from handouts im hard working, and since being back have gotten a job with Honda as a class 1 driver earning in excess of 20k but because it with an agency they decline her visa, this is a big money making scheme for the 1000s of people that's getting emotionally n mentally abused by the system, we pay there there salary's the tax payers ,have the right to a family life. I will move heaven and earth to see my kids and beautiful wife but the system is making this unbearable

    My 4 year old daughter cry's her eyes out for me and asks her mom will she see her dad again is he gone back to the desert.

    Only God Knows the pain and suffering and tears from our babys and loved ones ,Please Madam Terresa May, I love you in the name of JESUS HAVE A HEART AND FEEL OUR PAIN AND SUFFERING, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF UR BABYS WHERE CRYING THERE HEARTS OUT ASKING FOR YOU???

    any help please!!!

    1. Thanks for writing.

      I'm very sorry to hear about your story. It is all too familiar, I'm afraid.

      Are you a British citizen now? If so, maybe you can consider being with your family using European free movement rights - maybe by moving to Ireland?

      This is a very good support group :