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Saturday 18 May 2013

Visitor visa nightmare.


Have things got harder for visitors to the UK recently?




Interesting thread on EEA visa and treaty rights.


'As I have been living off savings and self-employed/freelance work, I will have some difficulty meeting the 18,600 income threshold requirement introduced for the marriage last year. I have thus decided to apply for an EEA1 and EEA2 with their less stressful requirements, but information on these visas is a bit more scant.

'I know that we will have to prove we are in a relationship, apart from a marriage certificate and a couple of letters each addressed the same, what is necessary to prove this?

Posts on this subject (how to do it, links, people's experiences) here :

Government calls for evidence on balance of competences between UK and EU on immigration, asylum and free movement.

As part of its wide ranging review of the 'balance of comptences' between the UK and the European Union, the Home Office has issued two calls for evidence around the themes of 'asylum and immigration' and 'free movement of persons'.


Immigration as a game: 'Papers, Please' makes you the border guard.


'The only way to win is to not play the game'.

Putting the UKBA on trial for the murder of Ugandan lesbian, Jackie Nanyonjo and for the torturous asylum process.


Via https://twitter.com/ASIRT1 , https://twitter.com/AntoniaB4

'Hundreds of people who were tortured before seeking asylum in the UK could seek compensation and release from immigration detention. '


Detention of torture survivors ruled unlawful.



https://twitter.com/AJEnglish tweets :
A special series, #China Rising, gives a rare insight into the country on the move, with history in tow | http://aje.me/18QrqwG

On 17 May 2013 Australian blogger and self-styled ‘global nomad’ More Atlitude posted a lengthy and detailed post in response to “Australia’s decision yesterday to excise its mainland from the migration zone” this week. He argues that it

    essentially reinforces a horrible, horrible policy of enforced detention for legal (I stress, again and again and again, people, LEGAL, good grief do I need to paint it neon and string it with lights?) asylum-seekers.


How to fail at human rights: Australia excuses itself from refugee law.


Pregnant woman and husband to be deported from Blackburn to separate countries.


 A YOUNG married couple who are expecting their first child are set to be deported - to separate countries.

Childhood sweethearts Vladimer Shakhbazyan and Diana Nadryan fled to England when Russia and Georgia were in midst of a bloody war a year ago.

But their visas have expired and Vladimer is set to be returned to Georgia, with pregnant Diana facing deportation to Russia.

Interesting post on the so-called 'Lille loophole'.


What is the Lille Loophole?
It is a means by which people without the correct identification papers necessary to enter the UK can do so thanks to a loophole in the Schengen rules, as applied at Gare du Midi in Brussels, and to the Eurostar rail service. News about the loophole here.

How does it work?
A passenger buys a ticket for the train between Bruxelles Midi and Lille Europe* (which is allowed) but instead of getting off in Lille, the passenger stays on the train and continues all the way to London St Pancras (not allowed). This is possible because both Belgium (Brussels) and France (Lille) are in Schengen, and hence passengers travelling between these two cities cannot be obliged to show a passport when boarding at Gare du Midi, Brussels, as the Schengen agreement has abolished border controls between the signatory countries. These Brussels-Lille passengers are allowed through a corridor that bypasses the UK Border Authority’s desks at Gare du Midi.

More :


'The horrifying, little-known story of how hundreds of thousands of blacks worked in brutal bondage right up to the middle of the 20th century. '


'It was a crime for for a black man to lack employment and a crime to change jobs without his previous employer's permission. It was a crime to sell the proceeds of his farm to anyone other than the man from whom he rented land. A crime for a black man to speak loudly in the company of a white woman, to walk beside a railroad line, to fail to yield a sidewalk to white people, to sit among whites on a train and, in practice, generally a crime for blacks to be accused of any crime by a white person.'


https://twitter.com/Praxis_Projects :
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