"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Monday 13 May 2013

Monday links

https://twitter.com/migrants_rights tweets :
Baroness Hamwee highlights impact of family migration rules in Queen's Speech debate

Much of the impact of other rules introduced last year on family migration must have been unintended and unforeseen. I am at the moment involved in an all-party group looking at these rules, and we are working on our report. I will share two stories with your Lordships. The rules make new provision for bringing to the UK adult and elderly dependants.

We heard from the BMA of a woman consultant in the NHS who was unsuccessful in her application to bring to the UK her elderly parents, for whom she wanted to care. She decided to move back to Singapore. Her sister, feeling that it was wrong that only one child should take on this responsibility, moved back with her, as did her brother-in-law. They, too, were consultant psychiatrists. This country lost three consultants in that one episode. One was a psychiatrist specialising in children with learning difficulties—a very specialised specialty, if I may put it that way. If all we are looking at is numbers, I suppose that was a double win.

We have also raised considerably the minimum income threshold and other financial requirements for applications to bring in a spouse or partner—with any children—who is a non-EEA national. We heard from a gentleman living in Swansea, an area of very low wages, who is earning an adequate wage for his area but well below the threshold. He has an autistic daughter, and he would like to bring his new wife to this country from Canada, but he is not able to do so because of the financial limits. That woman would help to care for the daughter, which would be a saving to the state, not a drain on it. We heard, too, of British children separated from a parent because of the tightness of the rules. I was particularly struck by hearing more and more of the understanding of the impact of separation on a child’s development, and the attachment disorders that may result.


https://twitter.com/emmabmoussa tweets :
Wake up every morning grateful my Hubbie is still with us thankyou https://twitter.com/JCWInews hopefully everyday can b like that with JCWI's help

Emma's story : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/driss

https://twitter.com/ncadc tweets :
Great idea! Blog compiling all that legal aid has done for us

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to successfully defend a mother with post natal depression.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to help a 17 year old girl challenge racial discrimination.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I got the help I needed to protect my children’s home.

THANKS TO LEGAL AID, I was able to help a family with a disabled child keep their support and accommodation.


https://twitter.com/APPGMigration tweets :
Lib Dem MP @julianhuppert asks when @ICIBIVine was consulted of the abolition of the UKBA

https://twitter.com/julianhuppert tweets :
... And doesn't get an answer! I've retabled it.

https://twitter.com/scotrefcouncil tweets :
Archbishop prays for asylum seekers, migrant workers & those who don't welcome foreigners; criticises govt policy http://www.thetablet.co.uk/blogs/570/18

https://twitter.com/IndyVoices tweets :
"Don’t be fooled by Ukip’s charm, it is xenophobic and creates fear", writes Yasmin Alibhai-Brown http://ind.pn/13TFD8Q

https://twitter.com/nandosigona tweets :
Linking intra-EU mobility to #migration, the Speech turns freedom of mvnt into another argument for #antiEU politics

https://twitter.com/britishfuture tweets :
Kevin McKenna asks whether pro-independence Scots will embrace a liberal immigration alternative


https://twitter.com/BritCits immigrant of the day:
Harry Selfridge born in USA Founded @Selfridges
Coined phrase:"customer is always right." 3000 jobs :



https://twitter.com/ncadc tweets :
Halt Abdul's deportation: Abdul's 23,lives in Leicester & from Afghanistan, where he suffered terrible persecution.

"Abdul's touched the hearts of everyone who knows him. He has been trying to rebuild his life in a meaningful way"

https://twitter.com/johnprescott tweets :
If there was a referendum tomorrow, I would vote for Michael Gove to leave the EU too. #wouldyoulikealifttotheairport?

https://twitter.com/migrantography tweets :
West Indian immigrants arrive in London, after their journey from Southampton Docks http://tmblr.co/Zc0y5ukv6nkO

https://twitter.com/tntmagazine tweets :
Been affected by unfair decisions or delays from the UK Border Agency? Sign our petition calling for changes:

The European Union: The facts.


The EU is not much loved by anyone. When asked what the EU means to you personally, the third most popular response is ‘waste of money’. Freedom to travel, study and work top the list, followed by the Euro, waste, peace and bureaucracy.

'Refugee Blues', by WH Auden.

'Came to a public meeting; the speaker got up and said:
"If we let them in, they will steal our daily bread";
He was talking of you and me, my dear, he was talking of you and me...'


https://twitter.com/humanrightslaw tweets :
U.S - Prisoner marks 40th year in solitary confinement:
22 hrs a day without sunlight, fresh air or human contact

Popular Chinese writer's microblog scrubbed from Sina Weibo.


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