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Friday 2 August 2013

Know your rights. Being posted all over London.


In the UK immorally? Keep hatred off our streets.


https://twitter.com/UKGoHomeOffice :
Suspicious that neighbours, colleagues or friends may be #immigrationoffenders? Text SNITCH to 78070 with your National Insurance number

Southall Black Sisters confront the UKBA.


Southall Black Sisters are even more fantastic than they were before. If that is even possible. After all the miserable immigration propaganda the Government has been pumping out this is a much needed breath of fresh air.





Immigration raids under scrutiny following highly visible ‘Go Home’ campaign.


Following the ‘Go Home’ van story the general public has become aware and begun scrutinising immigration enforcement operations in public places, which have been around for some time now. This is good, especially given the the fact that information from the Home Office is difficult to obtain. Now we are calling for witness accounts to learn more about how exactly they are taking place.

https://twitter.com/migrants_rights calls for witness statements of spot challenges.

Home Office vans: Unite union in 'race hatred' query.


UKBA spot-checks are an abuse of power - but you can stop them.


It is illegal for an officer to conduct a speculative check on your immigration status. If you are a commuter simply going to the Tube station, you do not satisfy this standard. Demand to know why you are being questioned. If you do not receive a decent answer, inform the officer of your rights and walk away. You can walk away, because this is a free country.

This will be a threatening situation, with an unfriendly and often physically imposing officer.  The reason they are being threatening is because they are hoping to scare people out of recognising their rights. It is a coup of charisma, of confidence. Don't let them do it. Hold your nerve.

When you first see the UKBA presence do not do anything which raises suspicion. This is referred to as "having an adverse reaction to an immigration presence". Doing so gives the officers reasonable suspicion.

Do not change the speed of your walking or suddenly change direction. Maintain a steady pace. Do not hang back from the barriers. Do not behave confrontationally or aggressively. Enter into the conversation willingly, and then state that you are aware of your rights and can walk away unless the officer can give a reason for having reasonable suspicion of your status.

Use your phone to film the entire encounter. Any officer who speaks to you must identify themselves verbally and by producing a warrant card. They must explain their reason for questioning you.

At this point ask them what gave them reasonable suspicion to have stopped you. They must tell you that you are not obliged to answer any questions. They must tell you that you are not under arrest and are free to leave at any time. If they fail to do any of these things, tell them.

Make sure you clearly record the identification number of the officer. Sometimes this will be covered up or not present – it's a common tactic. Insist on knowing the number before you cooperate with the officer. If at any point you decide to leave they cannot pursue you unless they have sufficient basis to arrest you under paragraphs 17(1) & 16(2) of Schedule 2 or of the Immigration Act 1971, or if you satisfy section 28A of the Act.

If you are not being questioned – and if you are white and middle class that is very likely - you can still help. You can record everything. You can inform people of their rights when they are stopped by officers. You can take people's contact details if they are stopped. If there is a case against them, a failure of protocol by the officer will be relevant. You can get a useful fact-sheet of your rights for printing out and handing to people here.



The Migrant Manifesto.


https://twitter.com/SueLukes :
my father may have been an #immigrationoffender :Sir Nicholas Winton had to forge some visas to get children out in 1939.WE don't forget (1)

https://twitter.com/APPGMigration :
We've reached a milestone of 1,000 followers. Thank you for your fantastic support.

https://twitter.com/JCWInews :
Irregular Migrants should phone our helpline on 02075537470 10am-1pm on Mon, Tues or Thurs for help and advice -free:

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