"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Judge criticises errors in Haywards Heath dad deportation case.


 A judge said she was “concerned” about the number of errors made by the Home Office who are trying to deport a father-of-three.

Australian-born Phil Sommerville, 46, attended a court hearing to appeal the decision to send him back to Australia yesterday (FRI) but the tribunal was adjourned as the Home Office did not have the necessary documentation.

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Star-crossed couple get married in USA.


A Barnsley teenager kept apart from his American sweetheart by UK immigration rules has married her in the USA.

Alex Firth, 18, of Osborne Mews, met Jamie Freeman, 19, who lives in Georgia, on the internet last September on a language learning website.

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  1. Is there an update on the star-crossed couple who got married in the USA?

    1. There have been a lot of those I'm afraid! Some of the couples in that situation are still divided, some have moved to the USA, some are seeking a resolution through European free movement, some have been reunited by ultimately meeting the income requirement. It's a real mixed bag. :) That said, many people have resolved their situation after fighting for it.