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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Government Response to points raised in House of Lords debate on Family Migration.


 Following a debate in the House of Lords on 4th July 2013 led by Baroness Hamwee on the Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration's Inquiry into the impact of the Family Migration rules, Lord Taylor of Holbeach has sent a letter answering points raised in the debate. The letter outlines the Government's response to concerns raised by peers from across the politicial parties, including regarding the income threshold, employment/welfare benefits/savings, third party support, discrimination, children, the High Court judgment and adult elderly dependents.

You can read the full debate here ( http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=2013-07-04a.1385.0 ) and read the APPG on Migration Inquiry report here ( http://www.appgmigration.org.uk/family-inquiry ).

Previously :

A copy was also sent to BritCits, which has been uploaded here :

We will respond after having had chance to properly digest this latest development. 

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  1. That report from Lord Taylor is pretty depressing. It looks like they haven't listened at all. Take the elderly relatives question. Yes, we've read the casework guidance and we know about the couple from Pakistan. But there is no indication of how on earth the family are supposed to prove there is no way such care can be provided in Pakistan.