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Saturday 16 February 2013

World Flag Ant Farm

World Flag Ant Farm, by the artist Yukinori Yanagi, is a fascinating series of works themed on migration and the crossing of cultures.


In The World Flag Ant Farm, he created a series of interconnecting boxes,each filled with coloured sand in the pattern of a national flag - representing the nations of the world - and linked by plastic tubes. He then released ants into this system who were able to travel between all the networked flags, transporting food and sand. These 'border crossings' eventually resulted in an intermingling of colour throughout the system, each flag's integrity being slowly degraded, creating in a sort of 'cross-cultural' multinational network.

More :

Union Jack ant farm - http://www.iniva.org/dare/artwork/yanagi/yanagi3.html - "...it simultaneously depicts the spread of a tribe and the decline of an empire." 

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