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Sunday 24 February 2013

Resources for those considering the EU route to family unity

For those considering the 'Surinder Singh' route - or 'European' route to family unity, following EU rules on freedom of movement to be with their loved ones (an option which exists for British citizens because of the European rules on free movement) - people are starting to collate links on how to do this in practice, using http://www.delicious.com . Introducing our new co-conspirators :



There is also a Facebook group devoted to this method - invitations by email.

Via https://twitter.com/RozziP and https://twitter.com/zarozania .

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Update 24/Feb/2012 : The provenance of Surinder Singh - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/european-ruling-challenges-uk-immigration-law-1531867.html

(8/July/1992) A RULING by the European Community's highest court yesterday has questioned the legality of a key principle of British immigration law.

It has undermined the 'primary purpose rule' enshrined 10 years ago in the Immigration Act, which lays down that when foreigners married to British citizens come to live in this country, they must prove that the marriage's primary purpose was not just to win the right of residence.

This controversial rule is much stricter than the equivalent European Community principle, which allows all EC citizens to bring spouse and children with them when they move to another EC country, no matter what the primary purpose of the marriage.

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  1. Whilst as a British Citizen, I understand our government wishing to control immigration, it is a sad state of affairs if a British Citizen marrying a non eu spouse cannot live with them in their own country - Great Britain. Especially whilst other eu citizens are bringing their families to the uk and in many cases, claiming benefits. Any non eu spouse has clearly stamped in their passport NO RECOURSE TO PUBLIC FUNDS, and they abide by this 100%. Our european counterparts here even claim child benefit for their children living in europe!! Yet their children are not living here in the UK
    The world is a much smaller place now with international travel and we must accept that quite often we meet and fall in love with someone who lives outside the eu.