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Wednesday 11 December 2013

New Surinder Singh rules - some links

Comprehensive post on changes to the Surinder Singh route 


Mirrored here for those who don't do Facebook : http://www.scribd.com/doc/190982778/New-Surinder-Singh-Rules-11dec2013

'This is a document outlining the new “rules” which were announced on 5 the December 2013.

'First of all no one can really give any definitive advice regarding how these new “rules” will be implemented because they will not be incorporated until 1 January 2014.  We will just have to wait until the New Year to see if anyone is refused a Family Permit/Code 1A because they have failed to comply with this new interpretation of Regulation 9...'

Via the EEA visa... EU free movement Facebook group :

Cross Border Legal | Update on the Surinder Singh Route: The government narrowing the options?


'So, is the government slamming the door? Not fully. This option is still a viable route to those couple who are able to relocate to another EU country for a while, however, it makes it more difficult for those who have very strong ties in the UK e.g. children of school going age, paying a mortgage or a council house, or have a UK job that would want to return to shortly. Meanwhile, we await the court’s hearing and decision next march with regard to the UK family Immigration Rules and the application of the financial  threshold. '

UK tightens Surinder Singh route :

Migrants' Rights Network | New UK rules on Surinder Singh route :

EU Rights Clinic | UK changes rules on Surinder Singh route :

Britain fails to renegotiate EU free movement rules :


Surinder Singh Route Information resource :

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  1. I would certainly agree with the comments about strong ties with UK will make it difficult for entry to UK by Family Member of British Citizen with EEA Residence permit from another country. But it is not necessary that for eg simply paying mortgage on the house will be a barrier for entry to UK, but having a council house would be. But if you continue to pay council tax this this country it will be taken as strong ties with UK. It is possible if you stay in another EU country is less than 6 months which may not be deemed as movement in 'centre of life'. On the other hand if your residence in other EU country is one year or more then it may be sufficient. This new rule is about the people who simply move to other EU country for few weeks or months to make use of free movement to relocate to UK. But I think if your family member obtains Residence Permit from another EU country, it will be hard for UK to stop them from coming over here as any obstruction will be deemed as restriction to free movement, this view was upheld in many cases as by blocking entry of Family Member of British Citizen by UK will discourage British Citizen to move freely with in EU.

    Will wait and see what happens.