"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Tuesday 24 December 2013


Katie tells her story, in her own words.

'I do not know where to start with my story, I am sure it is nothing on some people. But we are on the same level when we feel alone, right?

'I fell completely and utterly in love with my partner in 2010. The night I met him, we never really spoke, we were far too shy. All night, I tried my hardest not to keep looking his way, but blushed every time I caught him looking at me. I kept shouting in my head at him to talk to me, hoping he could hear me. But he never

'He left and I thought that's it..... for two weeks I could not stop thinking about him, I was to shy to ask my friend about him....

One night though, my friend texted. Saying I had an admirer!!!

'I found out it was him and he wanted to meet me at my friend's - well that's it. I was jumping up and down, dancing around my flat...

'The second time I met him, We were alone... this is when he told me that he was an over-stayer. I was gutted, but love soon took over that feeling...

'I never thought much of it, I never knew how hard it could get.

'Knowing he is an over-stayer never got in the way of us making the most out of life.

'Last year, like for many of you, really brought us back to reality though.

'We went on thinking we have plenty of time to sort things out. But when we met with a solicitor for advice on getting married, it was like a kick in the teeth.

'I had never looked into immigration previous to this meeting where I found out that the rules have just changed.

'We were told by so many different people that we still have the right to marry in the UK. We were told that once we are married under the UK law, he would be able to apply for a visa under article 8. But each and every person contradicted each other.

'Our heads were spinning and we had never felt so lost, but still we kept being strong for each other.

'How do you know who is legit or who wants your money?

'We decided to make the biggest decision of our lives. It was time for him to just leave the country, get married and apply for a visa.

'We had never been so scared, going to the airport, knowing they might arrest him there and then. His cousin is in the police, so he asked for him to meet him in case something happened.

'All I can say is, God was on our side this day.

'When we checked in, the guy was talking to him for ages checking his documents, I was scared because I couldn't make out everything they were talking about.

'The guy stamped his passport and we walked on. I still had no idea what was going on.

'It was when we were getting our bags where he told me that the officer let him go, all he said was 'I have done you a good favour, do not do it again and remember me'.

'I felt happy.

'Anyway, that week we were so busy, good job his family and friends no a lot of people. We gathered all paper work - which was loads, I managed to get all medical certificates and we had our interview with the police...

'The time had come where I had to leave him. I had been dreading this since the day he told me he was an over-stayer. I knew at some point, we will have to live without each other.

'It took me a long time to check in at the airport, we could not stop ourselves from crying. It is the hardest thing you could possibly do..

'We should hear shortly when I can go back there to marry him. Every day is a struggle. I find it hard going to bed, because I know he is not there. I find it hard to wake up because I know I have to face another whole day without him by my side..

'I have no idea of our chances for him to come back.

'I have a job of 20k a year, we have proof of us living together and for how long, he passed the English test. We have everything. But I do not know whether, he will be denied because he had previously over-stayed. Does anyone know?

'I have not told anyone the position I am in, I am completely alone. I have no friends, or family that live near me. Everyday I go to work and come home to an empty house. It is very lonely for me.

'If anyone out there, needs someone to talk to, about anything, I am hear.

'It feels great to write/tell someone the position I am in, or how I am feeling. Even if no one reads this essay.

'Thank you to whoever does. xx'

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