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Thursday 21 January 2016

Home Office fails 'langauge' test

Oh dear. Via the Home Office https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-a2-english-requirement-in-the-family-route

(What this means of course is that, unlike the Home Office, people on the 5 year spouse route will now need A2 for FLR(M) instead of A1 at present. So the 5 year spouse visa route language requirements will now be A1 for entry, A2 for FLR(M), and B1 for indefinite leave to remain. At present, the requirements are A1 for entry, A1 for FLR(M) and B1 for ILR).

This is also mentioned deep in the article 'Muslim women must learn English to integrate here' : https://uk.news.yahoo.com/pm-muslim-women-must-learn-english-integrate-035538019.html
You really have to dig for it because it's hidden behind a headline about 'Muslim women', with no mention that this change affects everyone on the spouse visa route.

The news coverage around the issue this week has been pretty lacking because it's tended to a load of fluff about 'the Muslim community specifically' rather than what the change actually means in practical terms. It's quite bizarre that the government - specifically David Cameron - has chosen to focus on (or rather, single out) this particular community because of course the language requirement change affects -all- nationalities (apart from majority English speaking countries, such as the US, Canada, Australia etc.). It's conflated Islam with the new language requirement, which seems frankly disingenuous, leading and bordering on scapegoating. Think about it.

Thanks to David and Laura for spotting this.

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  1. I think we will have to wait a few more weeks then to figure out the caveats. For example, my wife applied for Entry with a B1 english test (which is no longer on the approved list). Although at present we can use the non-approved test pass because it was previously accepted on the same route, I wonder if this new requirement will force us to take a new test (even though her old test certificate is level B1). Please keep us updated