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"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
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Saturday 20 September 2014

From Bang and David: News!

Source :Wang Bang / David Rushmer / I love my foreign spouse Facebook group

This has just been posted on the I love my foreign spouse Facebook support group by Bang :

'After a one year battle, we won our appeal!
(To watch our documentary film please click the link of Google Drive below)

'Our court day came in early August 2014. We had 11 witnesses attending the courtroom including my parents-in-law, my sister-in-law, and most of our common friends, although many of them had to stand outside because of the limited availability of seats in the courtroom. The hearing lasted for about 45 minutes. The Judge ended by saying, "I hope my decision will bring an end to this matter."

'Four weeks after we received the final determination from the First Tribunal, the Judge produced a carefully written report pointing out every error in my wife’s refusal, and our appeal fee was also refunded.

'In the 7 page long statement, the Judge said:

'There is a strong evidential base for inferring that the future intention of both parties is to live together as husband and wife. The supporting evidence appears to have been overlooked because of the focus on previous applications…

'I have no hesitation in finding on the voluminous evidence before me that there is a genuine and subsisting relationship between the parties. The evidence is well documented and supported not only by a documentary record but by the sponsor who I found to be a credible witness. He provided a straightforward and plausible account…
'Setting these concerns against the evidence regarding the current relationship and the development of that relationship since 2012 I find that the Appellant has demonstrated an intention to live permanently in the United Kingdom. Both of them are mature adults who have entered into this relationship with considerable regard for each other and their respective families. They are deeply committed to each other, share common interests and enthusiasm for literature and poetry in particular. The sponsor occupies a responsible position in the academic world and is responsible for the care of elderly parents. He has the strong support of colleagues and a wide circle of friends who know him…

'The Appellant has demonstrated through her actions in seeking leave, namely returning voluntarily to China, maintaining this close relationship, committing herself to marriage and submitting an application from outside the UK that she has a settled intention to live together with the sponsor…

'As indicated above I have taken into consideration her previous applications. I do not find in them anything which would suggest that the previous relationships were used in order to contrive entry clearance into the United Kingdom. In all the circumstance I find that the refusal decision was not in accordance with the law and Immigration Rules.

'No appeal has been lodged by the Home office against the Judge’s decision, therefore the determination is final and my visa will be issued.

'All our families and friends are over the moon. We cannot wait to share this good news with everyone who has been kind enough to support us. We would like to especially thank everyone in this group, thank you so much for sharing your stories, advice, experiences, happiness, kindness and compassion, your support has given us great strength to fight for justice. We would also like to say a big thank you to BritCits, who have been outstanding in defending the rights of international families and documenting the plight of those divided families, and a big thank you to Steven Green from BritCits, Journalist Michael Allen from The Independent, freelance Journalist and writer Hsiao-Hung Pai, Journalist Claudia Leong from Cambridge Tab and all the people who have helped us to gain publicity on various social medias, and 2,164 supporters who kindly signed our online petition.

'And finally, a big thank you to our lawyer, Paul Richmond from Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers(winner of numerous prizes including the Best Immigration Set of the Year in the UK at 2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Award. )

'We will continually fight for a humane immigration policy with you for a fair and better society.
Please don’t give up hope! Never give up!
Love and hugs from David and Bang

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David's update on change.org :
'... Don’t forget we are still only one couple of approx 17,000 people currently separated by these rulings, do continue to give them your support.'

Bang's blog :

David and Bang's story :
“We are aware many applications despite satisfying all requirements are being refused for trivial or erroneous reasons...”

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