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David Cameron.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Don't deport Wadih Chourey!

Source :38degrees


'Please do not deport Wadih Chourey, a 44 year old man with Down's syndrome who currently lives in Twickenham, back to Beirut. He came to the United Kingdom in 1997 because his life was in danger from the various gangs operating in Beirut. He was looked after by his parents and is now being looked after by his brother.'

More on the disgraceful story of Wadih Chourey, a man with Down's Syndrome who has lived in the UK for 17 years. Wadih is cared for by his brothers and lives a happy life with his family, and with the support of his local community. He cannot conceivably be a drain on British resources, and deporting him is just plain nasty.

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