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Wednesday 9 April 2014

UKBA site still exists in archived form

For those people trying to find information, documents or links that were contained on the old UKBA site you will find that all the previous links are now forwarded to the new .gov.uk site.  Often this results in a general page coming up and not the information or document that you were looking for.

This can be a big problem when looking for things like the rules or guidance in operation at the time of a past application.

There is a way around this and the UKBA site still exists with all the old information thanks to the National archives.


So no matter how any Government would like to hide or rewrite history in the case of the online world there is a snapshot of what was there thanks to the National Archives.

The UKBA archive covers the period from August 2008 through until  February 2014.

UKBA old site

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