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Saturday 29 March 2014

Successful Surinder Singh report

Via EEA visa... EU free movement on Facebook
. Shared to help those going through the process :

'Below is a breakdown of our experience with the Family Permit application (including documents we submitted), respectfully I ask that you limit your questions to those not addressed below. Thoroughness is key to survival on this route so please READ EVERYTHING before posting your questions and comments.

EU Country: Ireland
Amount of time: 6 months
EU Citizen Employment: Sales Associate/approx 18 hours a week/16 weeks worked
EU Citizen: English
Non-EU: American
Marriage: 6 years with a 3 year old son together
Country of Residence Prior to SS: America (6 years)
Irish Residency Card for non-EU: Pending, GNIB card received
Past Applications: NONE
FP Submission: March 5th
FP Appointment: March 12th
FP Approval received: March 21st
* wish we could have shouted it from the English rooftops the day of but we decided with all the work ahead of us that we'd wait to return home safely before announcing our big news.

Documents and items we included:
- Application (hard copy & submitted online)
- Non-EU passport photos
- Cover letters from both EU and Non-EU citizens
- Original Certificate of Marriage

- Original Birth Certificate
- U.S. Passport
- Copy of GNIB card
- Copy of PPS card and original correspondence letter

- Original Birth Certificate
- Copy of British Passport (original must be presented in person at UK Embassy)
- Copy of UK Drivers License
- US Permanent Residence Approval Letter & copy of card
- Copy of PPS Card and original correspondence letter
- Contract for Employment
- Payslips from Employer & Copy of P60 Tax Certificate

- Original Birth Certificate & Copy of British Passport (for our son)
- letter confirming sons attendance at local daycare

- Joint Bank Statements
- Joint Tenancy Agreement
- Letter from landlord

- Booking Confirmation for US to Ireland flight
- Booking Confirmation for pets
- Receipts for extra baggage
- Misc. receipts (rental/utility, dentist, doctor, food, theatre stubs, etc)
- Copies of Wexford Public Library Cards
- Accommodation letter from in-laws in England
- Misc. Photos (7)

Good luck!!

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