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Saturday 22 March 2014

It's not just the wage limits that hurt people

by Tim


I am from Bristol and moved back there to be with my family but have had to move to Cardiff to get a job to meet the income requirements. I wrote this the other day and submitted it to your site. Here is my story, please feel free to share it.

It's not just the income restrictions that hurt families from the July 2012 revision to Spouse visa. I am a British Citizen and one who is fortunate enough to receive a salary that exceeds the minimum income requirements. I have been living in the US with my American wife for over 6 years. We decided to move back to Bristol last year.

We travelled for 5 months before moving back and it took me over 3 months to find a suitable job. This time has meant we have to wait to apply for our spouse visa.  I have just sent my wife back to the US this week, the appeals court has not made a decision and this could take up to 3 months. And maybe further appeals.

Whilst I as well as many other people are waiting for the powers that be to make a decision. One which will surely be based on economics and not family and love.

It is heartbreaking saying good bye to my wife for an undetermined period of time. I am very fortunate that I meet the income requirements, however as I only started my job in mid Feb. I cannot be a worthy sponsor until the middle of August. This discrimination and lack of family values has put our dream of a new life in Britain on hold. Now I am sitting at home waiting for the days and weeks to pass until the government decides what to about their immigration problem. My wife waits in the US in limbo until this decision is reached. These short sighted tactics to stunt the immigration flow into this country and futile. 

Whatever decision is reached there needs to be a sincere look at what these revised rules are to have achieved. Sure it has reduced immigration temporarily and put two fingers up to worthy migrants that in a global society should be allowed to settle with their loved ones freely. I have gone through the immigration process in the US and I can say their system although not without it's flaws are fairer. I was not kicked out of the country as soon as I got married for example.

The media talks allot about immigration and a lot of their views are uninformed.  These extreme rules where changed at the stroke of a pen due to powerful people not understanding the consequence of their actions. They are violating human rights and abusing sovereignty. An individuals wealth should not dictate the society you live in.  I am living with anguish daily searching the web for updates. These rules are wrong and will change, it is just unfortunate that we are stuck in the middle and didn't apply prior to July 2012. 

The more people are aware of these issue the sooner things can improve.

Thank you,



  1. I feel your pain. I am in exactly the same boat. My family has been split apart for over a year after 16 years of marriage- so hard on my daughter.......

    1. Very sorry to hear of your situation Anonymous. I don't know your circumstances, but even those who meet the requirements perfectly have to go through this trial by ordeal.

  2. I am devastated. its been six month i left my beloved wife back home. she is finding it very hard to live with out me. to us its realy curse living away from each other soon after marriage.

    1. I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. Hang in there...

  3. We are in a downed system, a sytem that is based on money and personal intrests of politics. Makes me sick to know such inequality and isolation is being used by some people.

  4. Sadly I'm in the same boat. My American husband is out there indefinately until there is a (hopefully!) rule change. I earn £2,600pa too little. He does get a military pension for life but this is not taken into account! Like you we are living in daily anguish and I search the web constantly for some good news for us all.....so unfair

    1. Hi Carina - thanks for your comment. I hope you can find resolution soon! Best wishes, Steve.

      Are you in the London area? We have an event coming up next week .... meetup.com/britcits

    2. Carina, who told you that your husband's pension income cannot be combined with your (I assume) UK employment? I've just re-checked the rules myself and it looks like it can. I'd strongly suggest anyone in a similar situation takes as much time as needed to read and re-read the official rules which are available online here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/immigration-rules [you're after Appendix FM-SE for specifics on the income requirements and Appendix FM for the more general aspects]