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Saturday 15 February 2014

Chinese language article on Divided Families Campaign

(I suggest pasting the text in translate.google.com - you can get a very comprehensible translation).

The article refers to in the piece comparing developed capitalist countries' income requirements. That was done by the Migrant Integration Policy Index. Only Norway's income requirement is higher, but Norway has a far higher average income than the UK (which is more equitably distributed). Most countries are far far lower, if they have one at all.

Can't buy me love? :

'With less than £18,600, a British citizen or non-EU UK resident could more easily reunite with their spouse in nearly every other major country of immigration in the world—except their own. This briefing used the most recent government and academic sources to calculate estimates of the income levels for sponsors to reunite with their spouse or partner (for EU countries, the amount reflects the requirements for non-EU sponsors/spouses). The UK has now set an income threshold that is higher than in all other major Western countries of immigration, besides oil-rich Norway.'

The tragedy of Donna Oettinger, also referred to :

Donna started to suffer from depression last April when her Egyptian boyfriend – Zaki’s dad, Mohamed Nasr – was not allowed to come and live in the UK because of Visa problems.

The angry friend yesterday said the tragedy should have been prevented. The pal, who did not want to be named, claimed: “It could have been avoided. It was waiting to happen because she has been let down, not by her family – they were the most supportive family – but by doctors and the NHS.

Google translated article below :
'2014 Valentine's Day, a group gathered in front of St Paul 's Cathedral in London , England wearing a wedding dress to the bride and groom Interior demonstrators who is a day of sorrow and indignation , because they beloved other half, all of them are not around ! Have all been blocked in the UK outside the border , in Nigeria , Libya , South Africa , in China , in Korea , in Japan, in the United States , in Australia, in Canada , in Vietnam , in Cuba ...... everything does not belong to the European Union country. Many of them are forced to become a " single parent" , forced to live year after year, "skype couples ' lives. Although this kind of life can not be destroyed , "I want to be together , life without end , the mountain ridge , the rivers have dried up, thunderstorms , snow in summer , Heaven, and the king must dare are " the oath , but enough to shake human rights the cornerstone of Western society .

March 22, 2013 , 41 -year-old British citizen Donna Oettinger hugged her 3 -year-old son , in the vicinity of the railway station south London Riddlesdown threw themselves in front . The next day the " Daily Mail" reported on this tragedy , but the whole article mentions only a single sentence Donna 's husband away in Egypt , namely: . " Because of visa reasons, he was unable to England with his wife and children live ." for what reason for all the official media said nothing .

Valentine's Day in 2014 on this day , in front of St Paul 's Cathedral, in front of the bride and groom were dressed group of demonstrators , Donna 's name was brought again .

Originally, July 9, 2012 , the British Home Office launched a new spouse visa requirements , a British citizen if you do not earn at least £ 18,600 annual salary , for Africa and Europe can not be spouses and children apply for spouse and family visas. Donna salary below standard, but to one person alone to raise children in the UK, expect a miracle happened that day, then come join the Egyptian husband . However, the appalling unemployment, low wages , high prices , Donna can not wait for a miracle , it has a nervous breakdown . Even more heartbreaking is that , Donna 's husband turned out to be in line to see the bad news ! One can imagine that thousands of miles distant , the sudden loss of his wife and children audio man , who had a kind of " Egypt sleepless nights ."

Donna lying on rails shortly after the family caregiver who lives in the south of Wales Megan also suffering from schizophrenia. Reach the salary requirements , she should put aside their disability to the Ukrainian mother and her husband live or stay in the UK alone to look after his mother , 27-year old Megan, unable to face this " Sophie's Choice ." Unable to make countless single mothers choose - according to British law , to a former spouse and children born away from Britain , the former must have the consent by or have to wait until the child reaches 18 years of age. This means that you want the child to the location of the existing non- EU spouses and live together , is an illegal fairy tale.

UK current minimum salary is £ 11,900 ! Government benefits paid to unemployed £ 66 a week , that is £ 3,400 a year . Visible reach £ 18,600 annual salary standards, and surprising. According to the University of Oxford in June 2013 migration was observed (Oxford University Migratory Observatory) provides statistical data , 46% of the working population in England , 51% of the working population in Wales , 48% of the working population of Scotland to meet this standard ; 61% of the UK professional women to meet this standard ; women freelance , even more can not be produced on maternity leave and continue to work to meet the salary criteria. Even many government employees, such as lower-level employees at the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to work , nurses in NHS ( National Health Service ) agency work , the postman , public elementary school or kindergarten teaching assistant , etc., can not reach the salary standards.

Someone produced a developed capitalist countries price estimate love a little table ( in British pounds , with an annual salary of magnitude ) , in addition to the current richest petro Norway ( 25,000 pounds ) , the UK spouse visa is the world's most expensive. Followed by the Netherlands £ 15,000 , £ 13,000 in Norway , the United States £ 13,000 , £ 10,000 in France , Finland , Austria, Spain, Sweden, Italy , Portugal, Poland, far below £ 10,000 , Denmark, Germany, Switzerland , Ireland, Canada, New Zealand New Zealand, Australia, no any salary threshold.

In fact, the national minimum salary of £ 11,900 , although one might insight into poor taste, but not enough to reach the level of clothing is not sheltered body starving for . British Independent newspaper reporter Charlie budget amounts dole experimental live for a week, a 2013 list of the lowest per capita standard of living of the report : the amount of available weekly for a total of 175 pounds , of which £ 100.50 for rent, 7.10 pound for the media and appliances, £ 1.98 for the water , £ 5.60 for television fees, £ 2.24 for the computer internet access, £ 6.50 for the telephone charges , £ 20 for the transportation fee , the remaining £ 31.08 for the food and household expenses. This report is definitely not alluding to rely on £ 175 a week will be able to live a man die like a dog , even if the family is purely just to show one -sided annual income of less than £ 18,600 , a family of three can still eat dole case next life.

However, pushing the New Deal , UK Home Secretary Theresa Mays refused to admit it. Personal office expenses to £ 15,000 per year , and her husband have two properties worth around 16 million pounds , she believes that if you do not meet this standard annual income , then the taxpayer must for your non-EU spouses in the UK pay future life , in other words , less than the annual income of a standard British citizen, is no longer in love with a person, but a parasite. Although many people may not know, the spouse of a non-EU nationals to apply for British citizenship before , did not apply for benefits and rights to use any public funds , this is black and white printed on the passport . Because this road politicians salary threshold is purely used to combat immigration , sanctimonious when the British Parliament to discuss whether to send troops to Libya, those unbearable terror attacks , a British citizen who lives in Libya with his family wants to return the British refuge for themselves and their British child touches the back, while their spouses in Libya but was ruthlessly stopped at the security line outside .

A yellow security line , way to make the world's most brutal life to death .

Affected by the New Deal, "The Guardian " that reach nearly 18,000 annual income threshold for each year , because of various reasons, unable to leave the United Kingdom British citizen, and his wife lived two separate lives .

Politicians wax hand destroy the flowers , let death take the opportunity looted Donna and her 3 -year-old son , but can not stop people from loving footsteps. Today, those wearing a dress of the bride and groom who held up " against the immigrant spouse Deal " slogan, the slogan shouting long live the family , braving the wind and rain , starting from St Paul 's Cathedral , across the center of London , say to the world love the truth of this hatred lean Policy.

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