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David Cameron.

Monday 2 January 2023

NHS spending dropped off a cliff

On another note but not unrelated, actually very related - We still hear both the media and individuals (sometimes unfortunately on social media) attempting to blame the state of the NHS on bureaucracy, or 'too many managers', 'woke'/diversity/inclusion, or 'elf n safety', or foreigners using it (despite the dependance of the NHS on foreign workers), or whatever else is the scapegoat de jour. 

The reason is actually much simpler: lack of investment as a government policy in the last 12 years as the numbers show, eroding the UK's state capacity - penny wise and pound foolish, leading to inevitable further costs (human and financial) down the line. Capital investment fell off a cliff.

Charts via the revolutionary lefties at the Financial Times  : https://www.ft.com/content/b2154c20-c9d0-4209-9a47-95d114d31f2b 

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