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David Cameron.

Saturday 11 October 2014

'Brothers who may be woman's last chance of beating leukaemia barred from entering UK'

Source :Mirror

'A mum fighting leukaemia has seen her three brothers – her last chance of a bone marrow transplant – barred from Britain.

'Fatemeh Mehdipour’s siblings were refused visas to fly in from Iran, despite being the closest surgical matches.

'The Home Office said it was “not satisfied” they would be “genuine visitors” and feared they would seek to stay in Britain after their visas expired.

'Fatemeh’s devastated daughter Azar, 24, told the Birmingham Mail: “We were all so positive, and thought mum would be having her transplant.

'“Everyone is so angry – she will die if she doesn’t get this transplant."'

Mirror Poll: 'Should Fatemeh's brothers be allowed into the country?' currently running at 81% YES. Add your voice.
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