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Tuesday 14 January 2014

English for a spouse/partner/fiancée visa: A1 or B1 level from 28 Oct 2013? Stop the confusion!


A good blog post. This is a confusing subject because the term 'settlement' can have two different meanings in an  immigration context: it can mean 'settlement' in the sense of permanent residency (i.e. Indefinite Leave to Remain, or naturalisation), or it can mean a 'settlement visa' - a visa (e.g. a fiance or spouse visa) which leads up to permanent residency (but which is, itself, temporary).

A1 English is required for the latter (temporary settlement visa); the more demanding B1 level of English for the former (permanent status).

Quote : 'I had already written in this blog, back in December 2012, about 2 meanings of a term ‘Settlement’ when it comes to the UK visas, so this is what has created the current confusion. The Rules on English are changing indeed from 28 October 2013, however, the new Rules will apply to those applying for ‘Settlement and Citizenship’. The term ‘Settlement’ here represents ‘Permanent Residency’ in the UK, known as an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). So, those spouses and partners who are applying for Permanent Residency from 28 Oct 2013 will need to demonstrate English at a B1 level (not A1) as well as pass a Life in the UK Test. Until then, only a Life in the UK Test is sufficient, or just an ESOL with Citizenship course, which is taught at an A2 level of English (this is why we are so busy with SET(M) applications now!).


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