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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Heartbreak for Cambridge University man battling to bring wife back from China after marriage branded 'sham' by Home Office


David and Bang in the local press.

'A man from Cambridge faces a heartbreaking battle to bring his wife back to the UK after their marriage was branded a “sham” and she was forced to remain in China.

'David Rushmer, a senior library assistant at Cambridge University, met his wife Wang Xiang on a poetry website last year.

'The Chinese national first came to the UK on a dependant visa with her ex-husband, who had thrown her out of the house following disputes after just six months.

'She had applied for a ‘Leave to Remain’ visa, with solicitors telling her the process would take two to three months. In the 15 months it actually took to process, she had met David in June last year.

'By November 2012, they had moved in together and David said their lives were “transformed”.

'However, on April 9, the couple were dealt with the “life-destroying” news that her application had been refused. When they found out, David proposed and they married two months later in China.

'David said: “It’s devastating. We are newlyweds and we are being treated like criminals.

'“That is the bottom line. They are suggesting my wife has attached herself to me with the sole intention to gain a UK visa.

'“On December 13 we had been married for six months and I have not seen my wife physically since the beginning of July.”

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